Chocolate Bars

Our dark chocolate bars are created with a 70% dark chocolate. 

Our milk chocolate bars feature 41% cacao milk chocolate.  Each bar is wrapped by hand in our chocolate studio in Gibsons, BC with handmade, Nepalese papers featuring sugar-cane compostable labels/ compostable adhesives. 

Limited edition bars.

29% White Chocolate Cranberry Orange Bar Quick shop
Milk Chocolate Caramel Macchiato Bar with a teal wrapper.  Wrapper has astrological suns design in gold print. Quick shop
Our milk chocolate chai bar, with handmade paper in a natural tone. It has a wild horse pattern in black. Quick shop
41% Milk Chocolate: Crispy Bar Quick shop
Peanut butter and sea salt bar wrapped in natural colour, handmade paper with rainbow motif in metallic gold on pink paper.  Quick shop
Our 70% dark chocolate bar in a black and gold wrapper with a god birds. Label says 70% Cacao,  La Petite Souris Chocolate. Quick shop
Our spicy bar, with cinnamon, habanero and ancho chili and little bit of vanilla sugar. It's hot, but not crazy hot.  Image is of our bar, wrapped in burgundy paper with gold, 'line drawing' rose pattern. Quick shop
70% dark chocolate bar with raspberry, wrapped in a natural coloured paper with festive green wrapper with birds on vines. Quick shop
Photo of a chocolate bar wrapped in handmade, natural colour paper.  Paper is printed with brown owl pattern, owl in flight is on the front. Quick shop
70% dark chocolate bar with sea salt, in a natural colour paper wrapper with a pattern of large animals such as giraffe, elephant, rhino in gold. Quick shop