About Us

   Our mission is to bring joy and indulgence to your life,
by sharing our passion for good times. 
OUR CHOCOLATE:  Our chocolates and chocolate bars are made with couverture from Cocoa Barry.  Cocoa Barry provides us with a number of options for professional couverture including The Pureté line.  Cocoa Barry supports "Cocoa Horizons" and "Forever Chocolate", programs implementing systemic changes in the cocoa industry.  These include entrepreneurial farming (ie: farmer owned plantations), poverty reduction, training in agricultural best practices, deforestation and sustainability mandates.  There is no magic pill for the industry, but like many facets of life as we know it, change is afoot. 

Read progress reports from 2017-18 here.

I'm very glad to now have a traceable and sustainable cocoa that also tastes good, in use, in our shop

ABOUT US: We are a mini shop, with massive hearts and a whole lot of energy.  We're creative, slightly undisciplined and are proud to share an array of products that fall just outside the norm. Our boutique has been serving the Sunshine Coast, BC, since 2009 and our team is growing, thanks to the support of our very special community!

We're driven by our passion for relationships, the principles of slow food and good old fashioned quality. We value you having chosen to share and savour your very special moments with our chocolate!