Chocolate Update

June 2018

June 2018

"Spring is not the gentlest of seasons.  It is as though too much has been waiting to happen; too much supressed, packed down beneath the earth or pinned above the sky.  Green shoots grow sharp and the clouds are unforgiving.

Spring can be brutal.  Breaking open secrets. Dragging into light those things unseen and giving voice to things unsaid."

Wise and surprisingly tittilating prose from the nuns in my latest "period piece" addiction on Netflix.

I found this highly relatable, this Spring.  If you're interested in reading about my uncomfortable experience this Spring -  Continue Reading Here.

Otherwise, our chocolate news  this month....
The School Year Is Almost Over!

As Spring draws to a close, we see more people in the shop, looking for small gifts to thank teachers, education assistants, coaches etc.  This year we've made it easy by stocking the shelves with a selection of tasteful and reasonably priced gifts.

If you see something you like, or need multiples but time is in short supply, contact us in advance, so we can have your order ready for pickup.

We've got plenty of dairy free choices including our "date square" bon bon, chili cinnamon chocolate, and peppermint barks.

We're also working on a batch of our popular lemon truffles and in milk chocolate: a new twist on an old favorite, a s'mores truffle! 
Our online shop is closed for the summer. 

Sending chocolate in the mail over the summer months is just not a thing. 

But you can still come see us in person. Bring your guests, we've got new hours.