Chocolate Update

**NEW**Sustainable Choices for our Chocolate and Packaging

**NEW**Sustainable Choices for our Chocolate and Packaging


In more nerd news, we recently changed chocolate distributors.  Which means we've changed chocolate brands too.  I'm very excited by the range of chocolates we will now have access to, as we've now aligned with Cacao Barry as our main couverture supplier.

Going forward, you may notice our chocolate tastes better, richer and deeper.  Our milk and white chocolate especially will have more complexity, while our dark will vary in flavours as we experiment with new choices. 

Let us know what you like.

Cocoa Barry provides us with a number of options for professional couverture including The Pureté line.  Cocoa Barry supports "Cocoa Horizons" and "Forever Chocolate", programs implementing systemic changes in the cocoa industry.  These include entrepreneurial farming (ie: farmer owned plantations), poverty reduction, training in agricultural best practices, deforestation and sustainability mandates.  There is no magic pill for the industry, but like many facets of life as we know it, change is afoot. 

Read progress reports from 2017-18 here.

I'm very glad to now have a traceable and sustainable cocoa that also tastes good, in use, in our shop.

Does it cost more?  Yes.  Are we raising our prices?  No.  It is my hope, that your continued support, and the current population explosion in Gibsons will bump up our volumes enough that our prices can remain steady and support us through this change!



The response to our Limited Edition Holiday Bars was quite good.  I was very happy to have sourced a more environmentally responsible packaging option than foils and conventional paper, and you liked it too!  Win, win.  Although foil or plastic would be a better option for LONG TERM storage, I'm hoping (and expecting from you) that won't become an issue. 
In other words, buy often, consume promptly.

The papers we've been using are handmade in Nepal from a native bush, related to the Laurel.  As the ongoing disagreement between my partner and I, regarding our giant, misshapen Laurel can attest, these are very fast growing shrubs and thus considered a sustainable resource.  The handmade paper industry provides work and economic sustainability to locals in Nepal.

As well, the stickers we've used are made from sugar cane, another paper alternative and are 100% compostable including the adhesive.


They make great gifts and perfect companions for all your travels.

Come try all eight flavours in milk and dark chocolate!